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Insurance Discounts for Water Cop Emergency Water Shut-Off Systems

by Barbara 9. December 2004 12:09

Question about the SM-WCA-100 WaterCop 1 Inch Auto. Water Valve - 3 Water Hounds

Q: "Dear sirs: In your web page, you state that some insurance companies offer discounts for homes protected by water cop. Can you tell me what companies offer these discounts and how much discount they offer? Thank you very much, Jim"

Answer: Discounts depend upon the insurance company and the state. We don't have a list. I suggest you contact your insurance agent major companies in your state and ask them if they offer discounts for emergency water shut-off systems or burglar system enhancements such as the WaterCop system.

We do know that a 24 unit apartment condominium in Rhode Island faced steep increases in premiums after two separate significant water damage claims within 6 months. The condo association installed Water Cops on both the incoming hot water line and the incoming cold water line in each unit. They also installed Water Hound moisture sensors with AC power near all sinks, toilets, water heaters, dishwashers and water dispensing refrigerators. Their insurance rates decreased an immediate 10%. The reason I know is that I sold them the units. For a large complex, we order all sensors in each unit to match the Watercops in that unit. That way if one apartment has a water leak, the water supply is not shut off to neighboring units, which would occur if the codes were all the same.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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