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Using a QuickEscape ladder from a deck overhang

by Barbara 26. September 2004 08:55

Q: "Hi there, Would the QuickEscape Emergency Escape Ladder 12 feet or the 20 feet ladder work from a deck overhang? I am looking for a means of escape from my deck - something I can hook over the railing and climb down - I noticed the QuickEscape Emergency Escape Ladder has some sort of extensions (stand off's?) on each rung to rest on the house (probably for sturdiness) would this ladder work if there were nothing for those extensions to rest against? and would kids feel apprehensive climbing down it? Cindy "

Answer: This is a flexible chain ladder so these are some of the variables:

  • The deck railing/window sill must be thick enough so the hooks grip it. Otherwise there is nothing for the top to push against for stability.
  • To be safe, the stand-offs must brace against the house. Otherwise, the ladder dangles dangerously and is likely to swing in the air. Stand-offs both add stability as a person descends and allow for toe room between the ladder and the house.
  • Stand-offs can be removed or adjusted to allow for climbing over obstructions, etc.

If there was a wall against which the ladder could rest, your kids probably would use the ladder in an emergency. Otherwise, it would be scary and dangerous.

Are there windows nearby that have the necessary sill thickness against which the ladder hooks can brace?

Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Sincerely, Barbara