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Need Details on SnuggleWool Baby Buntings For Strollers

by Barbara 26. November 2002 12:03

Question about the Product SF-SW-500 Snuggle Wool Baby Bunting

Q:"I have a question about SnuggleWool Baby Buntings For Strollers and Carriages: Would you please describe it more specifically - it's not so easy to understand what exactly it is made of. For example - what is this "fuzzy" inside of this bunting? Is it wool or synthetic? Thank you, Yulia"

Answer: The liningof this "baby sleeping bag" is lambs wool that is sliverknit into a polyester backing. That makes the lamb happy as it didn't die to give its skin. That makes the mom happy as she can launder this Snugglewool baby bunting in the machine on gentle. We also have a baby bunting with organic cotton. This is the Snuggle Wool SW-525. Both baby buntings have a center split for a stroller safety strap. This baby bunting is not made for use in a car seat.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara